Certification and Professional Development

Advance Your Career

Become Initiative-certified in a wide range of Immersive Education technologies and techniques, with the option of earning Professional Development (P.D.) credit and points along the way.

Scratch (creative computing), Minecraft (game-based learning and stealth learning), virtual worlds and virtual reality (VR) are among the Immersive Education certification programs available to members. Augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MXR) and 3D printing certification is also available.

In Person or Online

iED Certification materials and courses may be taken in person, or entirely online at your own pace. Immersive Education Summits also offer a variety of in-person hands-on workshops that count toward certification and professional development. 

Knowledge TokenTM

Earn Knowledge Token credits by successfully completing any Immersive Education Certification course while simultaneously learning how your own students (or corporate learners) can earn these unique incentive and reward tokens for themselves. Knowledge Token is a participation and achievement token that is awarded to learners in exchange for intellectual achievements. Every Knowledge Token that you earn may be used to pay for future Immersive Education training and certification programs, conferences, camps, clubs, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, 360 degree VR cameras, VR and gaming graphics cards (GPUs), and more.

Levels of Certification

Three distinct levels of certification are available for each technology or topic, with the time to become certified (hours to certify) at each level building on the prior level:


1 Teachers and trainers new to the technology and subject matter  10 hours
2 Intermediate teachers and trainers who have already completed Level 1 certification Level 1 + 20 hours 
3 Advanced  teachers and trainers who have already completed Level 2 certification Level 2 + 30 hours

Get Started Today

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